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Fiat 500 at London Fashion Week 2013

The Fiat 500 has a long legacy of being the car of choice for the fashion-conscious, as well as being a bold and iconic brand. We combined these two elements to tie into London Fashion Week 2013, using guerrilla style projections to use fashion London landmarks as a canvas for Fiat’s messaging. Surprising people through advertising isn’t easy any more, but for a relatively small budget we managed to do just that, reaching a highly enthusiastic and relevant audience on the most fashionable weekend of the year.

Mercedes harnesses dual-screen trend for world’s first Twitter-led TV ad

Mercedes tasked Maxus with launching the new A-class, its most important launch in 60 years, to a new, younger audience. This would mean shifting youthful brand perceptions to make Mercedes interesting and exciting. Aware that young people expect to drive content and conversations and combining this with the trend for dual-screening, Maxus handed viewers the power to drive the world’s first audience-driven TV commercial. Using Twitter, viewers decided the action of a real-time story told over three commercials shown during The X Factor. Twitter and web activity was supported by other buzz-building activity following movie launch conventions.

It was a pioneering move that drove staggering results; two months after launch the A-Class represented 6.2% of the total hatchback market, brochure requests soared by 140% after the campaign and 77,000 leads were generated overall. Crucially, the average age of people enquiring about the A-Class was ten years younger than the Mercedes-Benz average.

Take a look at our short film showing how we brought back the warmth to BT, while delivering marked business results by including the nation in planning the second biggest wedding in recent memory

Watch our short film to see the award winning campaign Maxus created for Mercedes-Benz., turning prospects into customers.










Take a look at our short film showing how our campaign for the Fiat 500 turned a girl‟s car into a car for boys and girls through our understanding of boy‟s competitive nature, their love of anarchic fun and their desire to be the original distributors of online content that reflects this.







Take a look at our short film to see how we created a 'live' cinema ad for our client Triumph.

"Saturday night out at the cinema with my best mates. We're going to watch Sex and the City 2 - V.excited. Couple of drinks (Cosmos of course) to get ourselves in the mood then settle down with our popcorn to watch the ads and trailers. Hang on, the lights are coming up again - what’s happening? Brilliant - a fashion show! Lovely ladies in stunning underwear strutting their stuff, using the aisle as their catwalk. Actually here in the cinema, how cool is that? Everyone's clapping and cheering, I certainly didn't expect to see this. The underwear was by Triumph – didn’t know they made stuff as good as this, I'll have to check them out. Pick up a postcard on my way out, enter the comp - hope I win. Even if not, they now send me interesting stuff and fashion news each month. Result!"  

Watch our short film to see how Maxus increased traffic to Oakley's Covent Garden flagship store.  

Increasing the performance of their store by 19% year on year during the campaign period.








How Maxus helped Ubisoft connect with 6 - 12 year old girls and help them explore their dreams.

Imagine is a range of videogames for girls 6 – 12 that aims to help them imagine what they would like to be when they are older. Ubisoft wanted to establish the Imagine range as the number one gaming brand to help 6 – 12 year old girls explore their dreams.

Imagining the problem
The problem was communicating Imagine as the games range aimed at young girls and their imaginations. Girls are bombarded with adverts and brands from a very young age; our task was to standout and offer the girls something new & exciting, not just in comparison to other video games but all brands that are competing for their free time.

Problem solved
Girls in this age range are branching out from their family groups and starting to engage in other social communities – eg. Brownies or after school clubs. We wanted to engage the girls in environments where they are already using their imaginations, thinking about becoming a ‘grown-up’ and taking part in an online community. We identified and as perfect online communities which allow girls to pretend they are growing up by replicating adult activities.

Live your dreams
Binweevils is a fully immersive digital world (similar to Second Life) for under 13s offering friends, nest (house), pets, shopping malls, cinema, games, disco and competitions, whilst Swapitshop is a replication of eBay for under 16s; users can use ‘swapits’ to purchase products, play games or exchange back into money (£).

On Binweevils we threw an Imagine party and, using login data, invited girls aged 6 – 12. The party was advertised in high traffic areas around the site and an extensive cinema pre-roll campaign was undertaken in the Binweevils cinema.

On Swapitshop we created a ‘frenzy’ page which is an eBay style auction for under 16s.  For showing an interest (eg. clicking an ad) in the new range the girls were rewarded with currency (Mulch on Binweevils, Swapits on Swapitshop) which they could use for activities in their online community.

The following online results were achieved with a fraction (£70k) of the overall marketing budget for Imagine (£2m) in 2008. The party on Binweevils had over 100k visitors in 48 hours, of whom a staggering 23% clicked through to the Imagine website. This is significantly higher than the industry average (c.5%), about 400% higher! There was an immediate sales uplift of c.40k units (roughly £1.2m revenue) after the online campaign commenced.

Over 90% of the games on Swapitshop were sold in the frenzy. The exit CPC of £0.30p would be an exceptional performance for any campaign. The girls joined an exciting email community on the Imagine website facilitating a closer relationship between Ubisoft and the Imagine girls. This revolutionary, innovative and exciting campaign was a great success and a category media first. Following the campaign some notable competitors of Ubisoft have replicated the strategy.