What we do

At Maxus our philosophy is to 'Lean Into Change'

At Maxus our philosophy is to Lean into Change. Our role is to help clients navigate and capitalise on a media landscape that is now fully interactive, to engage with demanding consumers.

In our view, technology humanises the audience experience and through this, brands can become more human and create more powerful and effective relationships with consumers.

New technology and platforms have created more opportunity for media. Digital technology has not killed TV, rather it has created a more connected and immersed viewer, e-commerce has not killed retail, but transformed it to be more powerful on consumers terms.

At Maxus we understand media is not about exposure but experience and that this is where brand: consumer relationships happen. Therefore our planning approach is called ‘relationship media’. As with any relationship it is based on actions not words.  We believe that good communication is honest, human and instinctive not contrived, our planning approach aims to realise this.

Digital is a technology not a medium and has made media interactive and through this interactivity media is becoming increasingly intelligent, more like us. Big data will give way to smart data, in our interface with technology mechanical devices are giving way to direct physical interaction. Harnessing the instinctiveness and intelligence of media is therefore key to creating stronger communication, because this interaction and intelligence is programmed directly by the consumer themselves. Every interaction, each search or click tells technology (and media) how to be.

The internet allows people to create, share, support, compare, advise and transact – consumers are ‘doing it for themselves’, we must respect this and understand audiences are people, not marketing profiles and that they make decisions together, not in isolation.

We need to think of brands differently too, because the cultural context they operate in is different; as institutions focused on control, brands will failbut as entities with personas and passions, brands can thrive. So we need to plan and execute more flexibly, more creatively, more ‘live’ and yet more long term.

Relationship Media is a unique philosophy. It’s not about awareness versus engagement, being ‘social by design’ or chasing some super advocacy; it’s about a fundamental shift in approach that is 21st century fit from the only major media network born in the 21st century.

So, Lean into Change, harness the human potential media technology affords for your brand to behave more humanly and create more powerful relationships with consumers.

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