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Maxus Partnerships is a partnership & content specialist.

Our media partners are increasingly selling audiences not platforms, and these audiences are increasingly sharing and co-creating. Through technology ‘Media’ and audiences are getting closer and more alike. Unless brands follow, the partnership model will look increasingly clumsy.

Brands have long borrowed equity and content from partner media to engage audiences but are poor at doing so directly. We can go beyond the brand>media>audience hierarchy and enable brand to play equally in a shared space.



Maxus Partnerships is a partnership & content specialist. A central resource at the heart of Maxus, we are dedicated to marrying powerful consumer insight and data with our clients brand truths to identify rich and exciting territories for collaborate and content creation!


Put simply, we believe that through genuine collaborations and content we can build innovative new marketing platforms for the long term with our partners.


From content creation, product placement to sports sponsorship, media partnerships, branded content and ad funded programming we have extensive experience in creation, delivery, amplification and evaluation of effective and innovative partnerships. As a media agency founded in the digital age,  digital, mobile and social are interwoven throughout our content ideas and partnerships from the beginning.


We take an holistic approach that is idea centric and platform agnostic.  We believe the intersection where a brand, audience and platforms overlap offers a powerful  starting point for genuine conversations and relationships with audiences and offers the potential to create a long term marketing platform founded in insight and industry rigour.

For more information contact Laura Wade, Head of Maxus Partnerships T : 020 7470 3654 or email her


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