Have we just seen the birth of the 3rd mobile ecosystem?

By Chris Place - Account Director on 26/10/2011

A year ago almost to the day I blogged on here about the launch of Windows Phone 7 and how it could well represent genuine competition to the Apple and Android ecosystems. Adoption from manufacturers has been slow and over the past 12 months its’ played only a bit part in the wider mobile landscape. Until now.

This morning Stephen Elop, the new CEO of Nokia took to the stage at Nokia World in London to announce the first two Nokia/WP7 handsets. The Lumina 800 and Lumina 710. Make no mistake, in the smartphone space these two companies are one fry-up away from a heart attack, but together they present an entirely different proposition.

Nokia, famed for its hardware and lambasted for its operating system and Microsoft, revered for its new Window Phone 7 OS but hamstrung by the fact that none of the big handset manufacturers have been willing to devote their full attention to it (favouring Android instead) have come together to offer something genuinely different to the current smartphone formula of grids full of App icons.

At the heart of WP7 are live tiles, the purpose of these are to put what is important to you front and centre of your experience, for example social media updates, weather updates, email are all available at a glance. The people tile is especially cool, selecting a contact not only gives you access to the usual details but also lets you view all their latest social media updates and gives you the ability to reply to them straight from their contact info. No opening separate apps. Add a Karl Zeiss 8 megapixel camera, quality finish, best in class maps and excellent battery and we’re looking at highly desirable handsets from Nokia once again.

These phones will be on sale next month with the Lumina 800 costing 420 euros (without contract) a clear signal to the market that this is not a direct iPhone competitor (it’s much cheaper) and that the best is yet to come.

Talk of genuine convergence in the mobile space has been seriously over estimated. We are no closer to seeing any one ecosystem dominate the market place than we were 1, 2 or even 3 years ago. From a marketing perspective we need to embrace multiple ecosystems and plan for them. Battle will rage for the foreseeable future and this is a good thing because inevitably it breeds innovation and progress.


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Daniel Parkinson - Maxus, Media Manager - 01/11/2011 @ 03:03
Interesting…Contract is up in December, this adds new alternatives to the iPhone which need researching.

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