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Bring on the Trumpets!

on 28/01/2009

Is it just me or does the world seem obsessed with the Natural Confectionary Company ad at the moment!? All over facebook people seem to be using 'Bring On The Trumpets' and my boyfriend recectly recorded himself impersonating the Jelly snake thing and finds it hilarious...

I cant decide if its funny or just highly annoying?

Seems to be some popular TV ads out there at the moment, Virgins 25 year celebration is a classic?!


Bye Bye MP3, all hail Spotify

on 26/01/2009

I bet you've only just got to grips with MP3's, well I hate to break it to you but they are already out of date...

Spotify is a Sweden-based proprietary music streaming program, which allows listening to specific music without delay via browsing artists, albums or created playlists. So no need for downloading music anymore you just listen to it online 'on demand' stylee.  Downloading the itunes-esk interface for £10 means you have unlimited access to all the great artists of our time.

There is also a new business opportunity for all you forward thinking advertising folk. Spotify sells in-album advertising (like a radio ad) meaning you can target specific audience based on musical taste in a similar way to radio.

Check out

You heard it here first!

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Facebook is a Blessing

on 23/01/2009

I read today that Pope Benedict has given his approval to social networking sites such and Facebook and MySpace describing them as "a gift".

He commended the way that they bring people together and help form friendships. However he warned that they may isolate people from real and ordinary social interaction.

With over 16 million users in the UK and over 150 million active users worldwide, Mr Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook must be a very proud man. There are more than 35 translations available on the site with more than 60 in development - I wonder if they are developing one in Latin....?

In this digital age where we all communicate by texting, emailing, Facebook messaging etc etc and now with the Pope's blessing, will we all end up being cyber space junkies and isolate ourselves from real social interaction?

Personally I don't think so, the pub will always be calling me.....!


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MAXUS debuts at the What Car? Awards

By Gemma Beeley, Planner/Buyer on 23/01/2009

The Grosvenor Park Lane had its tables set, the guests were all dressed up to the nines in black tie gear, there was even a celebrity turn-out for the debut of "MAXUS" at the WhatCar? Awards 2009 last night.

Yes, ok, some people may have been keen to know who was Car of the Year, or to hear Jo Brand's witty banter, or to hear our esteemed Mr Gordon Browns take on the recession and the automotive industry.... but im pretty sure that ours was the best new entry....

I can comfortably say a good time was had by all (maybe too good by some people - and a very happy birthday to Charlotte Grove) - and despite several mentions of the dreaded "credit crunch" there was no recession gloom on display.

So - thanks Haymarket - same time next year?

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Guerilla Dance!

By Emily Rich - Maxus, Account Director on 19/01/2009

As I write this a group of my colleagues are huddled around a computer laughing out loud - but for once instead of watching someone fall flat on their face they are enjoying the new T-Mobile ad. On what is apparently the most depressing day of the year ( the sight of hundreds of people getting down at Liverpool St station on a dull Thursday January morning is enough to cheer anyone up.

 For those who haven’t seen the ad it involves Liverpool St Station, hidden cameras, a booming musical montage (from hip hop to ballroom) and people who originally appear to be ordinary commuters gradually joining in to form one big gyrating dance troupe.

This stands out from other ‘live’ ads such as Honda’s Sky Dive as this time it doesn’t simply appear to be about showing off technique but actually engages audiences – both at the time and when shown on TV. Real commuters are fascinated and many start to join in with the dancing, or film on their cameras which, at the end of the day, is the whole point of the ‘life’s for sharing’ message.

Yes I know the flashmob thing has been done before before I think this brings a fresh take to the idea - and if nothing else it cheers up the most official most miserable day of the year. Check it out below and let me know what you think.


Blue Monday

on 19/01/2009

Today is the most depressing day of the year according to  Psychologists.  They've supposedly worked this out by combining some very critical factors which influence our attitudes - weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing our New Year's resolutions and motivational levels. 

Now, I'm not a 'bottle half empty' type of person but I do tend to agree with them and I'd like to add another reason - there is nothing to watch on the tele!  Going through my EPG yesterday left me completely miserable.  No good films, no entertaining drama, no side stitching comedy.  Instead we have celebrity Big Brother which features a bunch of washed out has beens / wanna bees, shows about how the UK/World economy is in disarray and shows about how the nation is full of people who are either obese or too thin.  Can anyone suggest anything good on TV at the moment?  If not I'll just keep staring out of my window at the slightly more entertaining rather large raindrops!


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Gangsters Paradise Lost....

on 16/01/2009

Having seen that Celebrity Big Brother pulled in 6 million viewers for the live launch and in excess of 3 million viewers for each episode since, I began to wonder who on earth are the people watching.

I thought that surely everybody would be by now, tired and bored of the whole concept of viewing so-called celebrities but apparently not.

To be fair they have put (and I expect payed a hell of a lot of money for) a few pretty decent characters in the house this year.

Heat radio updates me every hour of every day on who has done what, and who said what to who so I'm beginning to think even I, a reality TV hater, could perhaps tune in to see what all the fuss is about.

From what I've heard, Coolio has come across as the most interesting person, if only for his "nasty nick" characteristics. All the talk of who he has offended and made cry seems like it could actually be quite fun to watch! (cue evil laugh!)

Has anyone been watching? Any hilarious stories from the house? Is Coolio wrecking the show?

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on 16/01/2009

It seems today that every brand, media owner or marketing agency is jumping on the video advertising band-wagon. Wether its Nintendo claiming to have nothing to do with the video viral Why every guy should buy their girlfriend wii fit. The Telegraph Online launching their “new” Telegraph TV package, giving advertisers the ability to wrap existing video content with their branded message. Or specific video entertainment sites utilising existing digital ideas to stretch their media portfolio.

Advertisers are utilising these new developments and trying to capture the increasing amount of user migrating from traditional media’s to the ever more prolific online world. My only concern is that there is a fine line between advertising a brands message and forcing people to view it. By covering every last piece of free space on the internet with obstructive adverts and advertising to people without their full knowledge or consent. In my opinion the major challenge facing video advertising is that people will become bored, annoyed with obtrusive ad’s or blind to branding messages

This is just my opinion have yours.

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Enough of the Detoxing......

on 13/01/2009

January is a month where the majority of us deny ourselves life's guilty pleasures.  There is good work done by detoxing but let's forget about that for now, I love eating out and think restaurants are fantastic.  We are very lucky in our line of work that we get to go to excellent places throughout the year.  So pooling all our resources together I want to know all the restaurants that you want to try in 2009 or recommend from 2008.

The first restaurant I want to go to is one I saw in the professional kitchen challenge on Masterchef last week and it looked superb fun.  It is a Mexican restaurant called Wahaca, anyone been?  Apart from that I would also really like to go to Gordon Ramsey at Hospital Road (bargain), Roka (doesn't count if it was just cocktails), The Square and Hix's Oyster and Chop House.

In terms of where I recommend going from my experience in 2008, L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon, The Greenhouse, Marcus Wareing At The Berkeley, Le Gavroche, Clos Maggiore, Elena's L'Etoile and Tsunami were all awesome.  Any recommendations?


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GM GM GM! Its dieting, its detoxing... and its hell

By Alice Maloney, Office Manager on 12/01/2009

Let me take you back to January 5th to show you how this phenomenon started!

Now, we know that the month of January is a deprived month for all, out of choice (resolutions) and/or out of force (money) but even the most strong-willed of us indulged in a little bit of breakfast and bucksfizz on the first day back after the xmas hols!

 As I chatted to everyone a thin figure appeared coming through the lift with their hood up.... I wondered...who was this new employee, why was he not stopping, talking, introducing himself. How did I not know that we had a new starter? Questions, questions! I took it upon myself to follow this fellow as he made a bee-line far away from the gathering crowd and straight into the dark side of the office.

Slowly the small frame stopped. Took off his back pack and grunted. I hesitated, almost scared. In slow motion the man turned round, his boney legs hardly carrying his weight. It was then that I gasped. My hand covered my mouth in astonishment.

.......time ticked on.........

....and on....

"Matt" I whispered, is that really you?

"Who brings f'ing champagne and crap into the office when I am supposed to be dieting? Its banana and milk day for gods sake!" he replied.

"I..errr... don't understand....." I stuttered! "You're so thin and lithe.....How?"

"GM Baby, GM"

That was it. For the rest of the day I was obsessed like a crazy lady!  What was this diet, how did it make you lose so much weight, so fast. I knew that it was a risk, but I wanted it so bad! SO BAD! I wanted to be lithe, firm and a shadow of my former self.

I decided to GM it.

It has been 4 days. I have not touched anything of any flavour or substance for 4 days. Today is MY banana and milk day. Today is a BAD day. Dan is on day 2. Vegetable day. I remember vegetable day... I liked vegetable day.

Take a look at what we are putting ourselves through!

Is it working? Is it worth it? All these things I have no answers for! The things I do know are I feel slightly delirious, lethargic, grumpy and spotty but for the first time in 10 or so years I feel like I have no control over what I am doing. Someone is dictating and I am merely following. It's nice, refreshing. Like not having to pick out your own clothes when you have school uniform.

Anyway - let me know your thoughts, and if anyone wants to force a snickers down my throat, I wont have the energy to stop you!


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New Year....Same Old Resolutions

on 09/01/2009

So another year has passed and into 2009 we go and with it the same old New Year Resolutions......

I am interested to find out how many people are still sticking to this tradition.  I for one have somehow decided to give up things.  That is not the issue, it is the reason why I decided to do this in January.  After all it is one of the most depressing months; it's cold, dark, money is a bit tight and it's at least another five months until I receive some more presents!

This year I intend to give up one thing completely and also change a few other things to hopefully improve my general well-being.....

Firstly, I must give up smoking, apparently it is terribly bad for you (no one told me this) and I must stop it.  I have been smoking for about eight years and I think the routine is the hardest to block out.  Anyway, five days in and I have had no cigarettes at all.  I have not faced the gauntlet of the night out drinking yet though and this is going to be a very tough challenge.  Anyway I will keep you updated on my progress.

I also intend to consistently go to the gym 3-4 times a week this year, eat healthier (bar the Chicken Tikka Bhuna with Rice, Naan and Bhaji's that Shebab-O-Bab served up for me last night - a tiny slip) and drink less in the week.......and of course buy more sweater vests in 2009.

What New Year Resolutions are you pursuing?

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Good Morning BJK&E.....err.....MAXUS!

By Alice Maloney, Office Manager on 07/01/2009

So, it’s a brand new year and we are a brand new company. We are MAXUS!

I personally much prefer the new name MAXUS, it makes me feel empowered, slightly above all other companies. When I say "MAXUS” I feel like I am about to go into battle…. And of course, win!

However, we are creatures of habit and BJK&E has been a big part of our lives so sometimes we find it hard to let go…..especially when it comes to telephone calls!

“Good Morning BJK&E” was a breeze… It came automatically. I even did it on my home phone a couple of times. Now, “Good Morning MAXUS” that’s a different story. I cannot seem to get it right. It does not roll off my tongue simply. I stutter, or I have to pause and remember who we are. I have become nervous, almost sweaty-palmed. It puts me off kilter for the rest of the conversation.

To add to this pressure the dark side of the office have decided to play a little game! Every time someone from our side uses our old name BJK&E instead of MAXUS we have to pay 50p. The idea being, the money adds up and we put it towards Friday drinks! It’s going to make me worse, and it’s going to make me poor. Everyone else seems to be finding it relatively easy and I cannot help but think the joke is slightly on me! I have now got so bad that this morning I even answered the phone using the company name of my first job!

However,  I like a game, and I like a challenge and I will continue to play, because I am Alice from MAXUS and I will not be defeated! yet!


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