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And the Winner is......

on 14/12/2009

As the year is coming to an end there are always awards to be won, presents to receive, and lots of turkey to eat.

Across many of the media websites there are the ranking of the top 10 agencies, ad campaigns, and even the worst.  But what do those specialists really know anyways?  The real voice is the people from the agencies….Maxus.  So in usual fashion let’s put it up to have a list.

What media campaigns stand out in your mind from the past year?  They do not have to be maybe an entire campaign but a neat implementation idea.

For me it has to be Virgin Atlantic TV commercial with the flight attendants in the overly red suits.  However, I did like the expansion of online to a facebook page that had new information up every day or so.

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Tis the season to sing Christmas Carols

on 07/12/2009

Now, I like Christmas as much as the next guy, but I am becoming more and more annoyed by the Christmas holiday season. Every year its starting earlier, this year I saw Sainsburys putting out their xmas stock in September!

I do enjoy this 4 month slog and festive crescendo of adverts,shopping  and Christmas songs but I have to admit that I find it increasingly hard to listen to any Christmas songs on the radio (especially those cuddly and lovsie Heart FM ones). In the past I would listen and try to conjure up nice images of christmas mornings, but now I can't turn to the next station fast enough. And why is it that every man and his dog thinks they should produce a Christmas album that invariably features the same songs that have been covered by other artists

Although their is one shining light at the end of this musical Xmas tunnel, that is the impeding release of X-Factor's guaranteed number 1 super ballad.

Personally I cant wait!

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